Skala Rachoni, Thasos
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Scala Rachoni is a relatively new settlement, which in recent years shows great tourist development.

Large hotels, rooms,a super market, a pharmacy, fish restaurants, cafes, bars and above all the beautiful beaches with shallow crystal clear waters.

Skala Rachoni is the landlocked harbor of the villages of Agios Georgios and Rachoni located 5 km from the sea.
The settlement of Rachoni hosts mansions of outstanding aesthetic and the Church of the Assumption with the source that springs from the sanctuary.

The present village Agios Georgios comes from the older namesake village located in the mountains of the island, which was inaccessible to the raids of pirates. When the sea in the late nineteenth century pirates and privateers disappeared,its residents formed the current settlement. In the old Agios Georgios grew up Mohammet Ali, the later Egyptian dynasty founder.

The two settlements of Rachoni and Skala Rachoni are full of nice restaurants with great food and traditional cafes.

Once we reach the junction, we go down, turn left and continue along the coastline. Approximately 1 km far, we are on the Honey Association of Thassos, where the famous Thassos pine honey is packed. Adjacent to this you can find the factory of processing olive so as to become edible; the famous Thassos thruba olive, the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Kavala and the old mill museum.

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